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This is highly dependent on when the assessor will receive the information required from the learner. When the portfolio is completed, the centre will proceed to the internal verification and upon approval within one week, the application for the diploma / certificate.

The awarding body issues the certificate within 1 – 2 weeks, hence a maximum time frame of 1 month from the last assessment session.

Usually, the initial payment needs to be 50% of the agreed cost, although certain exceptions can be agreed. The balance can be paid though a payment plan.

We carry out on OSTA – on site assessment. The first (initial) assessment session needs to be carried out at the learner’s workplace.

The formative assessment  sessions to follow can be performed either on site or via remote platforms (Zoom or Teams). Once enrolment process completed, the assessor will contact the learner to agree the time of the first visit.

Completion of the NVQ process is confirmed by the awarding body issuing the certificate / diploma valid for life. The enables the learner to apply for a CSCS card though various nationally recognised schemes (CITB, GQA, etc.). Certain additional requirements my be imposed by these.

The assessment methods will be agreed between the learner and the designated assessor. Selection of these methos will primarily consider the learning needs of the learner.  The most common methods used are:

  • Collection of various work-related documents
  • Direct observation of the learner in the workplace environment
  • Witness testimony
  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Written questionnaire
  • Professional discussion

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